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Reserve Component Army Units in Khamisiyah 2000 Hazard Area

Updated: November 21, 2000

Component Key: ARNG = Army National Guard

USAR = U.S. Army Reserve

Status Key: Both = Unit in 1997 and 2000 Hazard Area

2000 = Added in 2000


Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 440th Ordnance Battalion ARNG Camden Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 1103rd Transportation Battalion ARNG Eufaula 2000
123rd Quartermaster Company ARNG Goodwater Both
778th Combat Support Company ARNG Jackson Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 226th Logistics ARNG Mobile Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 111th Ordnance Group ARNG Opelika Both
946th Quartermaster Company ARNG Reform Both
1135th Combat Support Company ARNG Selma Both
1167th Transportation Detachment ARNG Troy Both
1206th Quartermaster Detachment ARNG Wetumpka 2000
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 490th Chemical Battalion USAR Anniston Both
214th Aviation Battalion Company USAR Fort Rucker Both
287th Transportation Company USAR Livingston Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 926th Engineer Group USAR Montgomery Both
358th Medical Detachment USAR Opelika 2000


2222nd Transportation Company ARNG Douglas 2000
363rd Ordnance Detachment ARNG Mesa 2000
2220th Transportation Company ARNG Phoenix Both
259th Engineer Company ARNG Phoenix 2000
1404th Transportation Company ARNG Show Low 2000
222nd Transportation Company ARNG Tucson 2000
348th Transportation Company USAR Phoenix Both
403rd Medical Hospital USAR Phoenix 2000


Headquarters & Headquarters Battery, 142nd Field Artillery Brigade ARNG Fayetteville 2000
148th Medical Hospital Evacuation ARNG North Little Rock 2000


649th Military Police Company ARNG San Luis Obispo Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 143rd Military Police Battalion ARNG San Mateo Both
114th Medical Detachment USAR Los Angeles 2000
343rd Medical Detachment Hel Ambulance USAR Novato 2000
689th Quartermaster Company USAR Oakland Both


220th Military Police Company ARNG Camp W George Both
947th Medical Company ARNG Las Animas 2000
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 217th Medical Battalion ARNG Pueblo 2000
181st Medical Detachment USAR Denver 2000


143rd Military Police Company ARNG Windsor Locks 2000
344th Military Police Company USAR New Haven Both


Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 736th Combat Support Battalion ARNG North Springfield Both

District of Columbia

273rd Military Police Company ARNG Washington 2000
274th Military Police Company ARNG Washington 2000


705th Military Police Company ARNG Cocoa Both
418th Military Police Detachment USAR Daytona Beach 2000
322nd Quartermaster Detachment USAR Jacksonville Both
442nd Adjutant General Company USAR Orlando Both
138th Aviation Company (AE) Detachment KKMC USAR Orlando Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 32nd Transportation Group USAR Tampa Both
810th Military Police Company USAR Tampa 2000


138th Medical Company ARNG Atlanta Both
1148th Transportation Company ARNG Augusta Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 265th Engineer Group ARNG Marietta Both
165th Combat Support Company ARNG Savannah Both
988th Combat Support Company USAR Dublin Both
421st Quartermaster Company USAR Fort Valley Both
209th Public Affairs Detachment USAR Rome 2000


148th Public Affairs Detachment ARNG Boise 2000


1244th Transportation Company ARNG Cairo 2000
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 108th Medical Battalion ARNG Chicago 2000
1544th Transportation Company ARNG Paris Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 416th Engineer USAR Chicago 2000
423rd Medical Detachment - Lab USAR Chicago 2000
376th Engineer Detachment USAR Granite City Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 308th Civil Affairs USAR Homewood 2000
724th Transportation Company USAR Peoria Both
458th Transportation Detachment USAR USAR Center Both
Company A, 7th Battalion,158th Aviation USAR USAR Center Both
Company B, 7th Battalion,158th Aviation USAR USAR Center Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 7th Battalion, 158th Aviation USAR USAR Center Both


Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 21st Theater Army Area Cmd (TAACOM) USAR Indianapolis 2000
542nd Transportation Company USAR Kingsbury 2000


186th Military Police Company ARNG Johnston Both
449th Medical Detachment USAR Ames 2000
481st Medical Detachment USAR Cedar Rapids 2000
915th Transportation Company USAR Council Bluffs Both
448th Medical Detachment USAR Des Moines Both


842nd Quartermaster Company USAR Kansas City Both
410th Medical Hospital Evacuation USAR Topeka 2000


2123rd Transportation Company ARNG Bowling Green Both
133rd Public Affairs Detachment ARNG Frankfort 2000
475th Medical Hospital MASH ARNG Frankfort Both
438th Military Police Company ARNG Louisville Both
807th Medical Hospital MASH USAR Paducah Both


1086th Transportation Company ARNG Jena Both
159th Medical Hospital MASH ARNG New Orleans 2000
812th Medical Company Air Ambulance ARNG New Orleans Both
1087th Transportation Company ARNG Vidalia 2000
321st Logistics Center TAACOM USAR Baton rouge Both
194th Adjutant General Detachment USAR Lake Charles 2000
630th Quartermaster Company USAR New Orleans Both


619th Transportation Company USAR Auburn 2000


Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 29th Aviation Group ARNG Aberdeen 2000
200th Military Police Company ARNG Salisbury 2000
290th Military Police Company ARNG Towson Both
531st Medical Detachment USAR Baltimore 2000
202nd Transportation Detachment USAR Baltimore Both
372nd Military Police Company USAR Cumberland Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 400th Military Police Battalion USAR Fort Meade 2000
450th Civil Affairs Company USAR Riverdale Both
422nd Medical Detachment USAR Rockville Both


1058th Transportation Company ARNG Hingham Both
972nd Military Police Company ARNG West Newton Both
181st Engineer Company ARNG Whitman Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 803rd Medical USAR Boston Both


1439th Engineer Detachment ARNG Grayling Both
745th Ordnance Detachment ARNG Grayling 2000
1461st Transportation Company ARNG Jackson 2000
144th Military Police Company ARNG Owosso Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 301st Military Police USAR Inkster Both
446th Military Police Detachment USAR Inkster 2000
484th Medical Detachment USAR Kalamazoo 2000


109th Combat Support Company ARNG Duluth Both
477th Medical Company - Ambulance USAR Duluth 2000
407th Civil Affairs Company USAR Saint Paul 2000
13th Psychological Operations Battalion USAR Saint Paul 2000
318th Medical Detachment USAR Saint Paul 2000


479th Ordnance Company USAR Lyom Both


1267th Medical Company Air Ambulance ARNG Jefferson City 2000
35th Combat Support CTR ARNG Kansas City Both
1137th Military Police Company ARNG Kennett Both
1138th Military Police Company ARNG West plains Both
795th Adjutant General Company - Postal USAR Belton 2000
451st Medical Detachment USAR Columbia 2000
904th Medical Detachment USAR Columbia 2000
14th Medical Detachment USAR Springfield 2000


Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 159th Combat Support Group USAR Helena 2000
651st Quartermaster Company USAR Kalispell 2000


1012th Combat Support Company USAR Fremont Both

New Jersey

253rd Transportation Company ARNG Cape May Ct House 2000
144th Quartermaster Company ARNG Hammonton Both
920th Transportation Company USAR Jersey City 2000
404th Civil Affairs Company USAR Trenton 2000

New Mexico

720th Transportation Company ARNG Las Vegas Both
387th Engineer Company USAR Albuquerque 2000
601st Transportation Detachment USAR Artesia 2000

New York

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 369th Transportation Battalion ARNG New York City 2000
1569th Transportation Company ARNG New York City Both
134th Combat Support Company ARNG Rochester Both
107th Military Police Company ARNG Utica Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 411th Engineer Brigade USAR Brooklyn Both
387th Medical Detachment USAR Brooklyn 2000
139th Transportation Detachment USAR Fort Totten Both
318th Transportation Control Center USAR Jamaica Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 800th Military Police Brigade Hqs USAR Uniondale 2000
414th Civil Affairs Company USAR Utica 2000

North Carolina

121st Transportation Detachment ARNG Raleigh Both
227th Transportation Company USAR Albermarle 2000
385th Transportation Detachment USAR Fort Bragg 2000
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 171st Combat Support USAR Garner Both
431st Quartermaster Detachment USAR Jacksonville Both

North Dakota

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 818th Medical Battalion ARNG Bismarck 2000
133rd Quartermaster Detachment ARNG Cando 2000
132nd Quartermaster Company ARNG Cando Both
131st Quartermaster Detachment ARNG Grafton Both
308th Engineer Detachment USAR Bismarck 2000


1487th Transportation Company ARNG Eaton 2000
1486th Transportation Company ARNG Mansfield 2000
324th Military Police Company ARNG Youngstown 2000
326th Military History Detachment USAR Blacklick 2000
660th Transportation Company USAR Cadiz Both
350th Medical Hospital Evacuation USAR Canton Both
1001st Combat Support Company USAR Chillicothe Both
320th Adjutant General Company - Postal USAR Cincinnati Both
316th Medical Detachment Air Ambulance USAR Elyria 2000
361st Military Police Company USAR North Canton Both
656th Transportation Company USAR Springfield 2000


145th Medical Company ARNG Broken Arrow 2000
1045th Ordnance Detachment ARNG Fort Sill 2000
Battery A, 1st Battalion, 158th Field Artillery ARNG Lawton Both
Battery C, 1st Battalion, 158th Field Artillery ARNG Lawton Both
Headquarters, Headquarters & Service Battery, 1st Battalion, 158th Field Artillery ARNG Lawton Both
445th Military Police Company ARNG McAlester Both
44th Medical Hospital Evacuation USAR Oklahoma City Both


121st Transportation Company ARNG Lebanon 2000
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 402nd Military Police USAR Ashley Both
635th Quartermaster Detachment USAR Farrell 2000
718th Medical Detachment USAR Folsom 2000
379th Medical Detachment USAR Folsom Both
630th Transportation Company USAR Washington 2000
Company A, 2nd Battalion, 228th Aviation USAR Willow Grove 2000

Rhode Island

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 118th Military Police Battalion ARNG Warwick 2000
119th Military Police Company ARNG Warwick Both

South Carolina

264th Engineer Detachment ARNG Allendale 2000
251st Medical Hospital Evacuation ARNG Columbia Both
Detachment 2, 360th Civil Affairs Brigade USAR Columbia Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 360th Civil Affairs Brigade USAR Columbia Both
460th Adjutant General Detachment USAR Florence 2000
413th Chemical Company USAR Florence 2000
371st Chemical Company USAR Greenwood 2000
596th Transportation Detachment USAR North Charleston Both

South Dakota

740th Transportation Company ARNG Milbank 2000
730th Medical Company ARNG Winner 2000
452nd Ordnance Company USAR Aberdeen Both


1175th Quartermaster Company ARNG Carthage Both
212th Engineer Company ARNG Dunlap Both
251st Quartermaster Company ARNG Lewisburg Both
118th Public Affairs Detachment ARNG Nashville 2000
155th Engineer Company ARNG Waverly Both
912th Medical Hospital MASH USAR Johnson City Both
639th Transportation Company USAR Kingsport 2000
418th Quartermaster Detachment USAR Knoxville 2000
378th Medical Detachment USAR Memphis 2000
861st Quartermaster Company USAR Nashville 2000
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 332nd Medical Brigade USAR Nashville Both


1104th Transportation Detachment ARNG Austin Both
Company G, 149th Aviation ARNG Grand Prairie 2000
49th Aviation Platoon Air Traffic Control ARNG San Antonio Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 328th Medical Battalion USAR Austin Both
644th Transportation Company USAR Beaumont Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 383rd Quartermaster Battalion USAR El Paso Both
786th Medical Detachment USAR Fort Sam Houston Both
114th Medical Hospital Evacuation USAR Fort Sam Houston Both
15th Quartermaster Detachment USAR Huntsville Both
238th Combat Support Company USAR San Antonio Both
340th Combat Support Company USAR San Antonio Both
217th Transportation Company USAR San Antonio Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 341st Medical USAR Seagoville 2000
755th Adjutant General Company - Postal USAR Texarkana Both


150th Aviation Platoon Air Traffic Control ARNG So Burlington 2000


1033rd Transportation Company ARNG Gate City 2000
183rd Adjutant General Company ARNG Richmond 2000
986th Medical Detachment Air Ambulance ARNG Sandston 2000
424th Transportation Company USAR Galex 2000
343rd Medical Company Ambulance USAR Galex 2000
145th Transportation Detachment USAR Hampton Both


Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 116th Combat Support, Rear Area Opens CTR ARNG Tacoma 2000
241st Transportation Detachment ARNG Tacoma 2000
300th Transportation Detachment USAR Tacoma 2000

West Virginia

152nd Military Police Detachment ARNG Moundsville Both
304th Military Police Company USAR Bluefield Both
363rd Military Police Company USAR Grafton Both
328th Quartermaster Detachment USAR Kingwood 2000
313th Military Police Detachment USAR Myrtle 2000
351st Ordnance Company USAR Romney Both


132nd Military History Detachment ARNG Madison Both
32nd Military Police Company ARNG Milwaukee Both
1157th Transportation Company ARNG Oshkosh 2000
395th Ordnance Company USAR Appleton Both
12th Medical Detachment USAR Beloit 2000
432nd Civil Affairs Battalion USAR Green bay 2000
220th Medical Detachment USAR Madison 2000
482nd Medical Detachment USAR Milwaukee 2000


1022nd Medical Company Air Ambulance ARNG Cheyenne Both


Headquarters, 302nd Rear Area Operation Center (RAOC) USAR Schwetzingen 2000


731st Military Police Company ARNG Tamuning Both
368th Military Police Company - Detachment USAR Agana 2000

Puerto Rico

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 246th Quartermaster Battalion USAR Aguadilla Both
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 394th Quartermaster Battalion USAR San Juan Both


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