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VA confirms Nicholson's data on chronic infections in Gulf War Illness patients.

    Earlier this month at the NIGH Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Coordinating Board in Washington DC, LT COL Charles Engel, M.D., a psychiatrist and Director of the Gulf War Illness Center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC and Co-Principal Investigator of the VA Cooperative Clinical Study Program #475 (Antibiotic treatment of micro plasma infections in Gulf War Illness patients), reported that ~40% of over 1,200 GWI patients tested from the 30+ VA and DoD institutions involved in the study were positive for ectoplasm infections, and of these positive patients ~80% were positive for M. fermenting infections. These data are almost exactly what the Institute for Molecular Medicine previously published for GWI (~45% positive, >80% M. fermenting) and support the IMM's suggested use of antibiotics to treat this condition. Furthermore, Dr. Engel related to the Board that patients in the antibiotic arm of the trial appear to be doing better than the placebo arm, but it will be some time before the trial has been completed and the data statistically analyzed.
    From the results reported at the NIH Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Coordinating Board and the publications from the IMM on Gulf War Illness (in the Gulf War Illness section of this website), the Institute recommends that it would be prudent for all Gulf War Illness patients to be tested for micro plasma infections at our certified reference diagnostic laboratory, International Molecular Diagnostics, Inc (Tel: 714-799-7177, ext. 202) and to treat such micro plasma infections when they are found in the blood.

For further information contact:
Prof. Garth Nicholson
President & Chief Scientific Officer
The Institute for Molecular Medicine

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