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     Information on this page was obtained from the January 2001 issue of VFW Magazine. For further information, please refer to the magazine. The article this information was obtained from can be viewed on the web site as well as in the magazine.

The Story In Numbers

Troops deployed in Persian Gulf (8/2/1990 - 7/31/1991 696,628
Troops believed to have been exposed to chemical warfare agents 100,000
Troops who received pyridostigmine bromide 250,000
Troops who received botulism vaccine 8,000
Troops who received anthrax vaccine 150,000
Troops believed to have been exposed to depleted uranium 436,000

Source: National Gulf War Resource Center

Gulf theater troops filing disability claims with the VA 249,000
VA claims granted 192,024
VA claims denied 26,410
VA claims pending 31,376

Source: VA Office of Public Affairs, July 15, 2000

Gulf War Syndrome: A VFW Timeline of Involvement

     Over the past decade, the VFW has taken the lead in fighting for legislation providing care and compensation to Persian War veterans. Here is a chronological rundown on those laws and initiatives.

VFW Resolutions

    The VFW has standing resolutions urging Congress, the VA and/or the DoD to:

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