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     One prominent hypothesis about illnesses among Gulf War vets is that some reported symptoms are the result of exposure to chemical war. Investigations after chemical warfare agents on the battlefield.
     The standard for making the assessment is based on common sense: Do the available facts lead a reasonable person to conclude at chemical warfare agents were present or not?
     Immediately after Operation Desert Storm, US Army units occupying an area known as Tall a Lohm (Kamisyah) ammunition storage area conducted two major large scale demolition operations.
     March 4, 1991 - 2,160 chemical rockets, 1,997 in bunker 73 (
     March 10, 1991- 1,250 chemical rockets. (
     Numbers are substantially reduced as rockets are actively destroyed! Keep reading for details.
     The detonation of bunker 73 on March 4, 1991 determined to have been much less dangerous than the open air explosion of March 10.
     March 4 had a larger number of rockets involved but was inside closed contained and prevailing wind were away from friendly forces at the time. Active agent involved was to reduce 10 fold from 1,040kg to 51kg.
     The news on March 10, 1991 explosion has also changed substantially both in the amount of the agent and the type of agent involved.
     The good news is a reduction in gamntity of agent released (per CIA) October 14, 1999)
     1997 - estimates of release was 715kg
     2000 - estimates of release is 321kg
This is based on reduction in the numbers 122mm of rockets damaged in the explosion.
     1997 # - 500
     2000 # - 225 a 55% decrease in agents (
Thus the 2000 source term was 45% of the 1997 source term estimate due to environmental degradation (chemical warfare agent decoy).
     Now, before we go rah, rah, rah after information now available indicates the rockets destroyed contained a cocktail (a mix of sarin (GA) and cyclesarin (GF).
     Accurate test data on GF's toxicity was not available in 1997. We now know that GF is 3 times a toxic as GB. Equally important is GF , unlike GB is a persistent agent, it is less volatile than GB.
     The approximate 225 rockets destroyed at Kamisyah contained a cocktail of 3 parts sarin to 1 part cyclesarin. The increased strength of the active agent off sets the reduction in gamntity of agents.
February 4 tested noticeable effect is the point at which a normal healthy person is effected by the agent (GA, GB) (3)
     Fog 5 GPL general population limits. This is the level at which a normally healthy person could be exposed to GA & GP for a 24 hour period  with no effects. Also noted is the fact that effects are cumulative. Prolonged exposures at low levels produces the same effect. (4)
 Once a person reaches a certain short, high dosage level, symptoms begin, whether that point is reached in 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days.
     Under Pt. V. Health risk

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