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     As of August 10, 1998, the Justice Department's lead counsel David Bradley acknowledged that effective legislation has not passed that will allow claims to made against the 1.3 billion dollars in frozen Iraqi assets. I understand this to mean this money is still secure in US Banks and will be divided at a later date to those persons and companies that have filed claims with the Justice Department's Foreign Claims Settlement Commission. On October 1, 1997, the House of Reprehensive voted 412 to 5 to instruct the House/Senate Conference Committee to include Gulf War Veterans, among those who can file claim against the Iraqi assets.


     Senate bill 1794 and House bill number 3484 are currently being considered in Congress. I have added additional links to web site to allow you to easily find and distribute phone numbers and addresses of your representatives on Capital Hill, should you desire to do so. This bill gives vets priority on claims against Iraqi assets. (See Info Pages) Pitts and Associates is re-opened their law suit to additional veterans and interested clients as of August 26, 1998. This suit against US and foreign companies doing business in Iraq prior to the war is already in the court system in Texas.  Much of the technology which Suddom can be traced back to US and European companies.


     The original law for Veterans Administration compensation said that an Illness must manifest itself (within 2 years) of service to be considered service connected. That law has been amended to extend through December 31, 2001. If you have not been to a VA hospital, you will need private medical records to document your health since the end of the Gulf War to establish treatment record. My personal fear is that many of you did as I did. You refused to accept the early explanation, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it was all in your mind. I have pretty much dealt with it myself and do not have the necessary medical records.
     I can say without any doubt P.T.S.D. is real! I have a good friend who still wakes up with bad dreams from his three tours of duty in Vietnam.
     When you read this, I hope you will act. The Gulf War was not as traumatic as Vietnam. I was not physically on the highway of death during the last hours of the ground war. I know some people who were. If you are one of them, don't hold it inside, get professional help!
     I have a link to PITTS & ASSOCIATES Attorneys at law for Veterans of the Gulf War Class Action on my LINK PAGE if you would like to have more Information on the law suit.

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