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     This page is a "Table of Contents" of all updates that have been posted since the web site has been online. This has been done to make navigating easier for everyone. This page is a permanent fixture, and updates will be added to this page as they become available.
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webmaster: Joe has changed Internet Providers/connections, which resulted in a change in e-mail address. So, for those of you who have Joe's e-mail address in your address books, you will need to change it to joe@1ce.net. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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     My webmaster had put a page on the Internet that is a nice tribute & memorial for the flight crew of the Columbia space shuttle. Feel free to visit it.

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    I have been receiving several e-mails regarding locations of some units not listed in the area of the plume. My webmaster is putting a data base together for those of you whose unit is not listed. We need for you folks to either e-mail her or me with your information so we can contact the proper authorities so we can get you some help. The information we need is your name, rank, branch of service, unit, and dates and location under the plume. If you aren't sure where under the plume you were, please check the map page.  Please e-mail either one of us your information as soon as possible at henry@1ce.net or joe@1ce.net.

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   GWI on Wikipedia - June 15, 2010
    Article on Wikipedia about Gulf War Illness, and the side affects of it.

Additional Cancer Info - December 1, 2005
     Mortality in US Army Gulf War Veterans Exposed to 1991 Chemical Monition Distribution

Cancer Info - June 14, 2005
     Some people have been asking me about information on the connection between Gulf War Illness and cancer. Hopefully this information will help some one.

GAO Report - September 23, 2003
     Preliminary assessment of  DoD Plume Modeling for US Troops' exposure to chemical exposure. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read this.

Status Report  - April 25, 2003
     Go to the above link to check out the latest of what is going on with the lawsuit, etc.

Update on locations - November 22, 2002
     One prominent hypothesis about illnesses among Gulf War vets is that some reported symptoms are the result of exposure to chemical war.

Public Awareness for a Chemical or Biological Attack - June 12, 2002
     I have received some valuable information on anthrax, and I wanted to pass it along to you. Feel free to print it out and share it with other people that are concerned about what to do if exposed to it.

Annual Status Report - April 9, 2002
     The National Gulf War Resource Center invites you to attend their Seventh Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anthrax Help Line - March 22, 2002
     There have been many questions concerning fears generated by anthrax scares. The questions are needed and expected in our society. We are the new world and there was nothing could break our shell of motherly protection until 9-11.

Pfizer-owned Test in New VHA Guidelines Toolkit - March 22, 2002
     One nine-item question on a Pfizer-owned test in the VHA/DoD's new Clinical Practice Guidelines can give a Gulf War vet a diagnosis of mental illness and a prescription for antidepressants.

News From ALSA - February 11, 2002
    In mid-December 2001, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported that preliminary evidence from the Study of ALS among Gulf War Veterans indicated that veterans who served in Desert Shield-Desert Storm were twice as likely as their non-deployed counterparts to develop ALS.

Senate Bill - February 7, 2002
     Finally recognized, and finally some help! On December 27, 2001, President George Bush put the Persian Gulf War Illness Compensation Act of 2001 into action to help us.

Gulf War Link - January 19, 2002
     The Government reports that Americans who served in the Gulf War are nearly twice as likely to develop Lou Gehrig's disease.

Symptoms of ALS - January 19, 2002
     Wondering if you are experiencing the symptoms of ALS? Click on the link, and the site should explain it all to you.

Facts About ALS - January 19, 2002
     This link will give you information and facts about ALS and if there were any myths that you had heard about, this site will let you know if they're true or not.

What is ALS? - January 19, 2002
     This will tell you what ALS is and what it does. Unfortunately, there is no cure for it. But you should be able to find out what can be done.

Update on Gulf War Veterans Compensation Act - October 25, 2001
     This page was posted when my Web mistress received information from Senator Rockefeller's office on the above bill.

Annual Update - October 4, 2001
     This is the annual update from Pitts & Associates, the law firm representing Gulf War Veterans.

Support the Compensation Bill! - October 4, 2001
     Support the bill that is to allow compensation, call your representatives!

Findings and Causes of GWS - August 15, 2001
     This is the testimony of Robert Haley, MD on the Findings on the Nature and Causes of Gulf War Syndrome and Plans to Extend the Research.

Still Feeling the Pain - January 21, 2001
    Information on this page was obtained from the January 2001 issue of VFW Magazine. For further information, please refer to the magazine.

Update on Pesticides Used - January 10, 2001
     This page talks about pesticides and chemicals found that have, or may have made Gulf War Veterans sick.

VA Confirms Nicolson's Data - October 1, 2000
     VA finally confirms Nicolson's data chronic infections in GWI patients.

12 Month Review - September 10, 2000
     This page tell the success of the research done over the year.

Brain Scans Indicate Damage - November 3, 1999
     Brain scans of soldiers who believe they suffer from Gulf War illness indicate their brains were damaged by chemical exposure during the 1991 conflict.

Breakdown of the Nerve Agent Plume - March 29, 1999
 This is a simple breakdown about what happened at the Khamisiyah Pit on March 2, 1991 as published by the DoD on both agent count and rocket count.

CDC Update Page - March 24, 1999
     Letter sent to me after I attended the CDC conference. The letter talks about health impact of chemical exposures and other topics discussed at the conference.

Update Page Two- December 25, 1998
     Special Report (update) issued in October of 1997 by the Presidential Advisory Committee of Gulf War Illness to the Department of Defense (DOD).

Update Page One - August 11, 1998-November 8, 1998
     This page tells about me, my experiences, and also has valuable information.

Legal Update Page - August 10, 1998
     This page is the first legal update for Gulf War Veterans, from Pitts & Associates, the law firm representing Gulf War Veterans.

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